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Friday, April 27, 2007

Night Clubs for Kids

Now here is a novel idea. If it isn’t bad enough that night clubs often (if not always) lead to drinking, fornication, and mostly anti-Biblical forms of activities, why not make it look pleasant, safe, and nothing wrong with it for our children under eight (8)?

Here is an article from MSNBC, here, that says:

On a recent Saturday afternoon at a grungy, darkened nightclub on Manhattan's Lower East Side, toddlers with fake tattoos jumped up and down on a crowded dance floor.

To accommodate the stroller set, nightclubs have to make a few adjustments—like making sure floors are cleared of last night's broken glass.

What good can possibility come from such? What is with us parents here in America? We’re not doing this for our kids; we are doing this for ourselves.

Capitalizing on Gen-X parents' appetite for all things hip, bands like the Terrible Twos, the Sippy Cups and the Dirty Sock Funtime Band are doing shows that make Mom and Dad feel less like June and Ward Cleaver and more like Gwyneth
Paltrow and Chris Martin.

Is it fun for the kids? Of course, but more than fun, is it right or is it harmful? Do we really believe that we can bring a child to a night club when they are eight, then expect them not to want to go when they are eighteen? Will it be just as innocent?

I suspect the POSSIBLITY will increase for them to trade in their milk for alcohol, their candy for smokes (and maybe drugs), their toys for fornication, and their giggles for cursing.

Do you find a problem with this, or am I out on a limb by myself here?


leslie said...

you make an interesting point.

(rarely does anyone believe this but i find dancing in semi-crowded loud thumping music venues recreational without the sordid details often applied to others. ..and there is the little (and somewhat past) known "straight edge" people.)

you do pose a thought of how to educate a young person on how to keep it pure--or when to use knowledge of self and others to forgo the risk and abstain from possible tainting.

but all in all you have to teach your child to mind their spirituality and bodies. school is fairly innocent and safe until they age into the higher grades where greater folly waits. and then there is college when they are away from your all (or mostly) seeing eyes.

your right, i don't see going out of our way to create more hazards for ourselves.

when do you think it is wise to start laying out the harder facts of destructive behaviors for your child? and what do you think about hosting such discussions in parenting classes or in a church sponsored venue?

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

I agree, we as parents must teach our children the truth of scripture, not simply say "no" or "we don't do that". Sometimes they need to know why, and we better know scripturally why.

You pose good questions. We sure don't want to give our child too much info that they don't need, but sure don't want to be late in speaking to them about things they find out from friends either.

thanks for the comments.

Bobby Cohoon said...

I am going to hope the limb you are out on is real sturdy because I am out there with you brother! Good post!


Neva said...

Me, too!!
Everyday I pray for my grandchildren-that the Christian adults in their lives teach them the difference between sin and fun and righteousness.

L>T said...

Hi tim! just returning the visit.

I wouldn't worry about the "Night Clubs for Kids" catching on too much. Most people can see that it's a stupid idea, anyway.

You are right, It is very selfish of any parent to even consider.

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