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Sinners, let me address you with words of life; Jesus wants nothing from you, nothing whatsoever, nothing done, nothing felt; he gives both work and feeling. Ragged, penniless, just as you are, lost, forsaken, desolate, with no good feelings, and no good hopes, still Jesus comes to you, and in these words of pity he addresses you, "Him that cometh unto me I will in no wise cast out."

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Jim Says: "Check Your Guns at the Door"

Check out: http://www.ccwonline.org/guns.html

Jim Elliff

Those of us who have a ministry of writing are usually pretty tough folks. Many of us have been in the combat zone for quite a while and can take almost anything that is said by readers of our articles. This short plea to blog and forum participants is more about my embarrassment for all of us who are web-interactive Christians than it is for my own hide. In short, I'm appealing for etiquette characteristic of believers in reader's responses to articles and blog entries.

When reading through responses on various blogs and faith-based forums, I often wonder if those who are outside the faith are looking on. What do they think about the sometimes mean and vindictive words that are used? Or what do new believers think? When they read that tart, angry or demeaning language, are they really being helped toward Christ? If it doesn't smell good to us, it certainly is rancorous to the alert souls looking over our shoulders. At best they find comfort for their own acrimony in our unguarded words; at worst, they reject our beliefs as those which produce little change in a person.


Travis Foulks said...

Amen my friend! Can I post this one on my page and link it back to you. I couldn't have said it better! I remember right after Saddam was executed reading some horrible things on Christian sites. I am sometimes just at a loss. I have heard it said.......
"The number one cause of athiesm is Christians."

Sad but true. Let me know about if I can post it

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

Hey Travis,

I don't personally know the writer, the link was posted at a forum I visit. He makes a lot of valid points for sure!

The link to the whole article is http://www.ccwonline.org/guns.html

So, feel free to link back to here or directly to the whole article.

Hope you, your wife, and your new baby are all doing well!


John Bunyan

To be saved is to be preserved in the faith to the end. 'He that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.' (Mt. 24:13) Not that perseverance is an accident in Christianity, or a thing performed by human industry; they that are saved 'are kept by the power of God, through faith unto salvation.' (1 Pet. 1: 3-6) But perseverance is absolutely necessary to the complete saving of the soul…. He that goeth to sea with a purpose to arrive at Spain, cannot arrive there if he be drowned by the way; wherefore perseverance is absolutely necessary to the saving of the soul.