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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

We Have Returned from 'The City' La Ciudad, Mexico

We returned from La Ciudad, Mexico around 9pm on Saturday, July 5. The trip was somewhat different than that of last year, but I supposed one cannot compare all mission trips to one another. We are to give testimonies with a presentation this coming Sunday night, but I am still pondering what thoughts I should express.

There were 10 persons from our church, and one lady from a church in New Orleans that helped us a great deal with translating that went this year. We were met at Laredo Stepping Stone, a location for traveling missionaries and groups to stay while crossing back and forth across the Mexican border, by two other ladies and a guy that would also help us with translating the gospel message of Jesus Christ into Spanish. It was also here in Laredo that we were met by the missionary to lead us into Durango, and further into the city of La Ciudad, Mexico. In Durango we were also joined by the missionary’s wife and another guy to help us translate.

The city was as I remembered it in some aspects, but I can’t get over the inner feeling that there was more spiritual warfare going on this year, and the town also seemed different at the same time (but I can’t yet seem to gather all of what I mean by this yet). I am not sure that I was as spiritually prepared as I thought I was or should have been for this trip, but God has shown me places I need improvement and how I must continually seek for wisdom and discernment.

We did have the pleasure of presenting the gospel message of repentance and the forgiveness of sins by putting ones faith in the work of Jesus Christ. We enjoyed singing songs, sharing Bible stories, making crafts, acting puppets, playing games, and simply interacting with the little boys and girls of La Ciudad. We also spent the evenings sharing a movie in Spanish which covered from creation to the resurrection of Jesus Christ with the adults and families, as we also enjoyed some fellowship as they often cooked for us and offered us something to drink (coke, coffee, hot chocolate) then.

We also had an exciting ‘Watermelon Party’ on the last day (Thursday) for the children in a neighborhood in Durango, Mexico (about 2 hours closer to the US from La Ciudad). We shared with them the gospel message ‘through fruit’ (of which God created), a devotional message, sang songs, played games, and all enjoyed the sweetness of watermelon.

Through it all, we were able to witness to over 200 children, a good many adults, and we were able to see the Spirit of God move in the hearts of at least 9 children and adults to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through the Bible Club, the Hope video, and even through a tract that was handed out in which a young boy returned to us the following day.

Thank God for His mercy and grace, and may He receive all the glory!


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