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Friday, November 02, 2007

George's Secret Key to the Universe

Apparently, Stephen Hawking and his daughter, Lucy, have written the book entitled, “George's Secret Key to the Universe” to explain the universe and black holes to children. Different than a simple science fiction book, this book is supposed to be “an adventure that is based on real science rather than on fantasy. I thought it was important to weave science into the story line because I wanted to make “George’s Secret Key to the Universe” appealing to children who wouldn’t otherwise pick up a book on physics.”

According to the interview, the following question was asked to Mr. Hawking:

Q: In your children's book, you describe the universe without a creator. Does this reflect your personal beliefs?

A: The lesson of the book is that the universe is governed by the laws of science. One could regard these laws as the work of God but discussion of such theological issues is not appropriate in a children’s adventure story.

Has anyone read this book?

If so, what is your opinion of the content?


BEAST FCD said...

Obviously Hawkings does not believe in God.

He's a fascinating character no doubt, but I find it hilarious that many christians associate him with Christianity, when he has made it painfully clear that he doesn't believe in God.


Splinters of Silver said...

Regardless of Hawking's view of God, I was just wondering about the content of the book. The one review at Amazon.com didn't really explain much.

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