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Friday, November 02, 2007

Preview: Ekleipsis, In the Land of Erde

Coming soon will be my first attempt at writing a fictional book. Entitled Ekleipsis, it will be the first book, in at least a two part series, taking place in the Land of Erde. Feel free to check out the preview: http://www.landoferde.com/

The book has been edited for grammatical mistakes, and is now in the process of being reviewed for content. I hope to have the book completed and available at http://www.lulu.com/ by the end of the year.

The book is a medieval type, with a religious theme. No, it will most likely not be found on the Best Seller List, but I have enjoyed writing it none the less. I shall post an update when it is had been completed.

Until then, enjoy the blog!


BEAST said...

Pordlaw mit LaRue?

So now you are masquerading as a Frenchman?

I wonder if you are liberal enough, though. The French love their freedom, and that includes freedom from Religion.


Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

lol - Why else write a book, but to enjoy every bit of it?

Pordlaw mit
Waldrop Tim

And LaRue is my grandfather's name (Eural) spelled backwards.

Would you like to request a special edition signed copy? :)


BEAST said...

When a baby hasn't first learn to crawl and starts attempting to fly, the baby is in serious jeopardy.

You can't write, Tim. Face it. Go back to the basics, that's what you should do.

I am considering taking a degree in journalism to further my writing credentials. As for you.....elementary level will do.


Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

Oh Beast,

Your repeated attempts to try to keep me from freely enjoying writing, whether it is this blog, or books, poetry, etc. are pointless. I have plenty of persons that have enjoyed my poetry and other writings for years, that you know not of. And again, I do it because I enjoy it, whether persons think I am great, good, poor, or horrible only helps me improve and consider their thoughts to better my skills.

At one point you seem to aspire for freedom (especially of religion), yet you speak so often demanding people to stop this or that simply because you desire it to be so. You are not the authority figure of writing, religion, atheism, or any other, whereby I must submit to your rule or demands.

I hope that you do enjoy your journalism class, maybe they will show you the healthy Critical Teardown versus Constructive Criticism thoughts, that may allow you to interact with persons whether in writing or in person on a less offensive demeaning way.

Honestly, all of the wasted time speaking ill of me personally or my so-called writing skills does not detour me in anyway, nor does it make you or your writings better or more intelligent, by you simply saying your skills are above mine.

I believe you could improve your skills and become a better writer by spending more time on developing your skills, than always comparing yourself to others demanding yourself to always be high and mighty above the rest.

Just as a FYI, any further comment that brings nothing to the subject, and seemingly gives no reader or myself anything to consider, but is merely a personal note to me regarding myself or my writing will no longer be posted.

Just because it isn't really necessary, and it doesn't really add to any discussion.

As I have said before. You enjoy writing, so continuing to write and improve your skills, but also allow others to equally enjoy writing also improving their skills. You can improve your writing better by comparing them to writers who are greater than you, than by comparing yourself to those you already believe to be superior to.


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