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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Book Two: Daegsteorra - Introduction

Continuing in the Land of Erde, where book one, Ekleipsis, left off, will be book two, entitled Daegsteorra. I have actually been writing on this book since November 2007, while book one was going through editorial corrections. Now that Ekleipsis has been completed, I can give Daegsteorra my full attention.

As with the title of book one, using the Greek word for “eclipse”, Ekleipsis, I have decided to use the Old English word for “the day star”, Daegsteorra, for the title of book two.

With Ekleipsis newly out, I would hate to give too much insight into book two, Daegsteorra, at this point, fearing I may spoil the excitement and story of book one.

As book one, Ekleipsis, begins with:

Ekleipsis (Greek, eclipse): Judarius claimed that darkness would one day overcome and destroy all light. The name of that day, he called thus.

Book two, Daegsteorra, begins with:

Daegsteorra (Old English, the day star): The Ekleipsis cometh but for a moment, then shall the daystar yet arise above the Darkness.

I hope that you will enjoy book one, Ekleipsis, as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Please continue to check back often for updates and information concerning the Land of Erde series.


BEAST said...

Books, books, books: You seem to be churning them out by the dozens! Am I supposed to be impressed?

May I propose this to you: Send me a softcopy of your book, and then I will evaluate it and write a book review, after which you can put it up on your blog.

As with all my comments, I will be as objective and truthful as I can.

Dare you accept the challenge?


Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

Please see:

Ekleipsis: In the Land of Erde - Review Proposal


mousetrap said...

hey! that cover for 'daegsteorra' is pretty cool. but i'm glad you decided on the other one, i think it matches the first one better. it's really pretty! ok, sorry, i know this post is pretty old, and you prob won't even see this anyway, but i just wanted to say that! lol =)


Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

Thanks mousetrap!

I have my blog set on moderation, so I see every comment made before it is posted.

Have a nice one!


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