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Monday, October 06, 2008


This past Friday night, some of us from church decided to go see Fireproof. I would recommend the movie to young people and couples, those whose marriages are fine and those which are not. I believe the principles laid out in the movie are good, even for those who may not believe their marriage needs God.

This is not just some silly ‘chick flick.’ There is both action and comedy, but the storyline is very much serious. But, if you are looking for some high definition special effects, you will easily miss the importance of the message. The purpose of this film is not merely to have one veg-out watching a meaningless movie, but to consider ones own lifestyle and marriage by the time they walk out the theater.

Before making the showing, I had heard some discontent that the movie did not have more of a church scene, meaning the couple attending church or finding help from a particular local church. Although, that may be the case, the plan of salvation and Christian testimonies from co-workers and family members were clearly displayed throughout. And, without giving much away, the end gives reference to attendance at a local church if one would pay close attention.

It was also noted that some had made mention that Kirk Cameron will not kiss anyone besides his wife, so she stood in for the kissing scenes at the end. If such is the case, I would highly commend Kirk Cameron, for why would a husband wish to make a movie about ‘fireproofing your marriage’ while kissing another woman on screen?

Overall I enjoyed the movie, and believe anyone that would take pleasure in watching a good clean movie would also enjoy it. I also believe any young person or couple could benefit from watching such a film.


BEAST FCD said...

I will rather watch Bill Maher's "Religuous" instead.

Beast FCD

BEAST FCD said...

Precisely why Kirk Cameron will never be a great actor.

Great actors must be able to bring themselves into seemingly impossible roles. How do you think Pierce Brosnan will fare in a Bond movie if he doesn't kiss and grope any of his female lead actresses?

In any case, kissing is not a big deal of a thing. In western cultures, it is not uncommon for children to give a light peck on the cheek to their parents and vice versa. So I really don't see what the fuss is all about.....

Unless, of course, if one is a brainless Christian.

Beast FCD

mousetrap said...

i went to see this movie with my family and i was wondering if kirk cameron would actually kiss a woman other than his wife, even if he was just acting. i think it would be awesome if kirk's wife stood in for the other actress.

personally, i wish there were more clean movies out there. i believe that you should save your first kiss for the one you marry. that's what i'm doing. but of course, i'm a brainless christian.

~mousetrap =)

ps. thank you very much for writing this blog mr. waldrop. i just found it today because i was researching stuff for my homeschool debate team. i think your blog is really awesome!

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...


I would like to thank you for stopping by my blog, and I appreciate your comments.

I doubled checked and indeed Kirk Cameron says, ‘I have a commitment not to kiss any other woman’ according to this article [http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26851749/]. So, in the movie, ‘They dressed his wife, actress Chelsea Noble, like the movie’s female lead and shot the scene in silhouette.’

I wanted to say I appreciate your character and stance wishing there were more clean movies, and more importantly your desire to keep yourself pure for the one you marry. I believe that is commendable and says a lot about you; especially, in such an age as this.

I pray that God will keep you and your future spouse, and in His time bless you two together. It does my heart well to hear of such convictions in the coming generations! Keep the faith!


BEAST FCD said...

Hi Mousetrap

Thank you for admitting that you are a brainless Christian. Being truthful to yourself is the first step towards recovery. The next step is for you to lose your religion.

Funny that you guys are so sheepish about all the kissing. Read the bible for yourself; there is much more delicious porn there than the whole of Hollywood.

A good start will be Genesis Chapter 38.

Beast FCD

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...


Allowing your lustful desires to consume you, you fail to understand or accept what the Scriptures teach and apparently cannot see or acknowledge that Mousetrap actually has much more character and self discipline than most (most likely including yourself), which is why you wish to poke fun. Surely, Mousetrap will see through your comments, and understand them as such.

I find it so interesting that you claim to believe we should all be able to live as we wish, yet find it so difficult to accept that there are people which wish not to indulge themselves in the filth of fornication, yet wish to keep themselves pure for a single person they hope to spend the rest of their lives with.

Indeed, Scripture is filled with the sin and depravity of man, of which you only make the more seen with comments as that which you have left here.

Mousetrap, continue the good fight of faith!


As you said Beast, ‘Being truthful to yourself is the first step towards recovery.’

BEAST FCD said...


The Scriptures teach a lot of things, such as, in Genesis 38, the sin of spewing one's semen (punishable by death!). Of course, the bible has full of moralistic quotes, some of which no sane Christian will practice today (like, stoning non virgins, disobedient children, etc).

Like most of the posts on this blog, this one makes no sense: When has kissing someone become a moral barometer? In Western culture, it is pretty much normal to peck each other on the cheek. I know this to be customary in Australia, and in Europe. It doesn't have to insinuate anything that is sexual (or sinful, in your stupid worldview).

I think once again, Tim, you fail to read what I am writing, and hence commit the crime you have often accused me of doing: Taking texts out of context.

Read again what I write:

"Thank you for admitting that you are a brainless Christian. Being truthful to yourself is the first step towards recovery. The next step is for you to lose your religion."

Tim, go do us all a favor. Close your blog, move to the mountains, and leave this sinful world to its own devices. The world can do with with one less moron like yourself.

Beast FCD

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...


You still fail to understand the passage in Genesis 38, maybe do some internet research. And apparently, you have misunderstood my blog post, for you are hung up one simple point of it.

I don’t believe you can honestly say you see no difference in those who ‘peck each other on the cheek’ and ‘for children to give a light peck on the cheek to their parents and vice versa’ compared to the passionate kissing upon the lips of a couple, so trying to sustain an argument that Kirk Cameron should have found nothing wrong with kissing another woman on the lips during the movie based on children kiss their parents on the cheek is quite silly indeed.


BEAST FCD said...

lol Tim.

Since you claimed that I have "misinterpreted" the bible, perhaps you wish to enlighten me where I have erred?

Read this, and tell me where is my "misinterpretation".


Oh, ok, so you didn't mention what kind of "kissing" you are so objectionable to. Fair enough. But French kissing, or "passionate kissing" in your view, is not a "depravity".

Note the picture of the American sailor who kissed a woman after WWII ended. It became the icon of the greatest generation. And no one claimed it was an "immoral" act. (http://sg.images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?p=sailor%2C+kissing&y=Search&fr=yfp-t-img&ei=utf-8&js=1&x=wrt)

Why are Christians so prone to bastardizing passionate actions of love, and so supportive of wars (Talk about Christians and their trusty guns)?

The only silly person is you, really. Kissing is just another expression of passion and love, and in the case of movies, a necessary act to portray a scene in a movie. To limit a kiss, passionate or otherwise, to spouses smacks of real stifling of human expression and unnecessarily moralistic thinking.

Beast FCD

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...


If you can honestly say you wouldn't care if you saw your wife passionately kissing other men, nor would your wife mind to see you passionately kissing other women, then there is more of a problem with your line of thinking than I initally thought.


BEAST FCD said...

Actually, Tim, I really wouldn't mind.

I am pretty liberal, and if she doesn't bother me I won't really bother her.

Beast FCD

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