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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Biology Mix Up

Article: Human-animal embryo study wins approval

Most support was expressed for the creation of so-called cytoplasmic hybrid embryos, in which a human cell is inserted into an empty animal egg. Other hybrid embryos, such as those created by fertilising an animal egg with human sperm, or vice versa, were less well supported.

In December, the government sparked a revolt by scientists, patient groups and medical researchers when it published a white paper containing proposals to outlaw almost all research into animal-human embryos. The research has since been backed by Nobel prizewinners, the Medical Research Council, the Wellcome Trust, the Commons science and technology committee, and the government's chief science adviser, Sir David King.

In May, the government withdrew its opposition in a draft fertility bill and now seeks to outlaw only embryos created by mixing sperm and eggs from humans and animals. The bill will be put before parliament before the end of the year.

All I can say is, at least for the moment, they are not allowing “DNA bestiality”.


evelyn h. said...

I'm not opposed to research for research's sake. Anything created animal/human won't have a soul, and for all intents and purposes, will most likely fail.

I will say that the idea is intriguing. For centuries, man has toyed with the idea of man-beasts, so this research seems to have been a product of that thought.

DNA beastiality? (rolling my eyes; please roll them back) :-)

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

Ah, but what exactly would we have per human/animal hybrid?

If they were "fertilising an animal egg with human sperm", would that "being" be somewhat from Adam? How can one know if they would have a soul or not, if such came from man? Would it not be somewhat different from a mere animal?

I guess this could go into what your idea of "the sons of God" are in Genesis 6:2; Genesis 6:4; Job 1:6; Job 2:1; Job 38:7.

So you like the term? lol I looked it up and it is spelled without the 'a'. Got to love the English language.

evelyn h. said...

>>would that "being" be somewhat from Adam? <<

I don't know, really. And I still don't think it will work. I'm sure they've tried to cross animals for years, but we really don't hear about it (although it could have happened and I'm just not aware of it). I just can't imagine that an animal and a human will have enough alike to make the 'being' grow, or really, to even take root in a petri dish.

Ah yes, best, not beast. Bestiality isn't one of those everyday terms I toss around, so thank you for looking it up. Besides, after all the editing I did of your work, I suppose you 'owed' me this correction. lol

By the way, if X-Men really is the way of the future, I'm holding out to be the chick who can walk through walls. :-)

BEAST said...


The reason why these scientists are resorting to animal embryos is because of the lack of viable human embryos for research.

Its nothing new really. Scientists have been doing that for years. By removing the nucleus of the animal embryo, altered human DNA is then inserted.

As for human/animal hybrids, I think we are still a little bit lacking, although it has been suggested that a human can be genetically altered to allow him or her to live in the sea via breathing through gills.


Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

"it has been suggested that a human can be genetically altered to allow him or her to live in the sea via breathing through gills."

Reminds me of waterworld.

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