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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Have You Seen My New Shoes?

Do you know where your child’s sneakers are? For about $350.00 you can, according to news reports from Fox News [here & here], dated 2/9/2007. But you better hurry. There is a limited number of only 1000 being sold and 750 are already accounted for.

A man by the name of Isaac Daniel has been working on a prototype tiny “Global Positioning System” 2 inch by 3 inch chip, he calls “peace of mind”, that would be located inside of a pair of sneakers, available in six designs, with the ability to be tracked “anywhere in the world with the press of a button”.

Apparently a children’s line will be available this summer.

The article notes that these chips, or similar ones, can already be found in cell phones, watches, bracelets, and other items people wear. Shoes are just easier to keep up with.

The GPS system in the shoes will work when the wearer presses the “on” button, and the users [or their parents] pay the monthly service fee of $19.95.

But before you say, “We can just turn it off when we want to, and they won’t find us”, the person paying the $19.95 to the monitoring service provider is also able to call with the correct password and have the sneakers “come alive” remotely. And yes, you will incur all “law enforcement costs” if it is not an emergency.

Also, if you are worried about your child out growing the shoes, the device will be removable to place into another set of shoes from the same company.

Apparently the company also puts its technology into military boots.


So, why even talk about this subject?

This technology is also in cars [OnStar], it is also in pets [Avid], so just by simple human reasoning, where would you supposed would be the next logical step? Cars can be abandoned and wearable items can be discarded, so there is really only one way to ensure the location of your child isn’t there?

The book of Revelation speaks of a mark either place in the hand or in the head being a requirement in the last days, during the seven year Tribulation period.

I know, I know, it is easy to say, “You’ve got to be joking right”? I am not claiming to be a prophet; I am only claiming to believe scripture.

Before you totally discount what I am saying, you may want to consider an article written by Sam Witt January 14, 1999 [here]. “Is the human body a fit place for a microchip? The debate is no longer hypothetical. The same computing power that once required an entire building to harness now can be inserted in your left arm.”

I ask only that you consider this. People don’t mind putting the device in their vehicles [for the sake of emergency], people and societies don’t mind putting it in their pets [for the sake of loss, stolen and abandonment], and people don’t mind wearing and having their children wear items for the sake of convenience and safety.

When all this fails, due to the fact that the person can be detached from all of those items, the only alternative will be to have a chip or implant directly placed within the body itself. Although the hand could be removed, the head cannot without bringing about the death of the individual.

I am not trying to scare anyone; I just believe that this should be taken into consideration so that when you see the technology presented [for it will come] you will not be taken by surprise.

So, for the time, I would stick to Payless shoes…

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