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Friday, June 08, 2007

Contrary To Some, Religious Book Sales Up Again

An article by the National Secular Society which some blogs may be showing as proof that “a sharp decline in the sales of religious books has been accompanied by an increase in sales of atheist-oriented books” may be flawed. I have posted the corrected information on one blog only to have the post deleted and apparently I have now been banned. Because of the truth? Even an atheist should give credit to the facts; its just book sales.

Because of this reason I have decided to post the information here.

Association of American Publishers (6/8/2007):
Religious Books posted a small dip of 0.3 percent for the month with sales of $44.2 million; however sales were up by 4.8 percent for the year.

Christian Post:
Book Industry Trends 2007 was released this past Friday by the Book Industry Study Group, Inc. (BISG) – one of the U.S. publishing industry’s leading trade associations for policy, standards and research. It showed that religious books had grown strongly in 2006 with a net increase of 5.6 percent in net revenue compared to 2005.

The newly released stats are contrary to those presented in the sales report released recently by The Association of American Publishers (AAP), which compiled its data in cooperation with statistics received from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA). The AAP report claimed that religious books had a “difficult year” with a 10.2 percent drop in 2006.The difference may be due to a number of smaller publishers, who earned less than $50 million in revenue, included in the report by BISG. This was the second year that BISG included these minorities, allowing for a more complete picture to how religious books are faring.

Book Industry Study Group:
Sales of religious books continued to grow strongly in 2006. With an increase of 5.6 percent in net revenue, this segment showed the highest growth in dollar sales.

NY Times:
The strongest growth segment in publishing last year continued to be religious books, where 263.4 million were sold, up 3.1 percent from the previous year.


BEAST said...

I saw your comments on Vjack's blog, so I don't understand why you think you have been banned.

I for one, have enjoyed ridiculing your splendidly erroneous ideas, such as your flimsy and fumbling explanations of flood stories and Canyons being carved out by floods.

Don't worry, I don't think he will ban you. We find that your presence brings much-needed comedy, especially from people like you who actually believe that the Earth is (Gasp!) 6000 yrs old.

Welcome to the Flat Earth Society.

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

The first post was left, probably because John P responded to it. The post that contained the links to the corrected data was deleted and when I tried to repost it said "The webmaster has banned you, your post will not be submitted" or something to that affect.

Either way, the point is not the banning but the deletion of the corrections of data. It is only books sales, so why delete the post? I simply stated as the links say they were given the wrong data, a simple mistake.

I don't mind the ridicule. It helps me assess my thoughts and helps me understand how atheists think.

BEAST said...

Well, if you want to I can intercede on your behalf.

Anyway, I don't see what is the big deal about book sales. I used to buy a lot of christian books when I was a fence sitting atheist, so it doesn't really prove anything.

What I truly find disturbing is that many Americans seem hell bent on making Creationism a science, when it is nothing more than a cryptic joke.

Right data or wrong data or no data, more book sales does not necessarily translate into more believers. It may be that more Christian books were printed in that year, and that a stable no of christians are buying more Christian books.

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

I agree book sales do not prove more or less Christians, etc. I am sure a lot of books (of all types) get purchased every year that are never read. But the same is true for atheist books. Christians can buy atheists books (which they do) to read, study, debate, etc., but that doesn't mean there are more or less atheists.

The point I found out was the deletion of links that held merely the corrected data.

I sent the webowner an email asking if it was a system error or actually them. If they didn't actually ban me for this, then I will correct the post. Seems like a silly issue to be deleting posts and being banned over, but who knows.

vjack said...

The book sales thing had little to do with the ban other than being the final straw.

I have been reading your posts very carefully for quite some time and have come to the conclusion that you comment for no other reason than to argue (usually with others leaving comments) or proselytize. I have tried to be patient and have warned you several times about ignoring the comment policy, but I've been having to delete at least a third of your posts, and I've grown tired of the complaints from other readers as well as the extra effort.

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...


If the book sales issue wasn't a big deal, then why not make the correction instead of deleting my simple links that contained neither arguement or proselytizing?

Honestly, argue and proselytize? I fail to see where I have tried to proselytize in my latest responses to your blog. Also regarding argue, I usually comment to your posts, then your atheist friends usually argue or attack what I have said. But I understand your policy allows atheists to argue and/or attack theists on your site while the theists is unable to. That makes since, it is an atheist site and only atheists are permitted to speak.

I have actually made sure not to comment on every post of yours and made sure to limit my comments except on the lastest where beast had directly spoken out against me, and I even apologized for the excessive posts which you allowed to stay and made no comment or contacted me about the comment policy or otherwise.

Be honest. I have been argued with and attacked more often than I have argued. No, I'm not crying about it, as I told beast, it is good to be debated against so we can test what we think and say, but don't play the lie of me trying to argue and proselytize all of your atheists visitors. They seem very much decided in what they believe and have shown to be much more argumentative and negative toward theists and Christianity than I have shown to be toward atheists.

I don't believe you are being very honest here, but its your blog, so you have that right to do as you will.

You're still welcome here.

BEAST said...

Lol. I seem to be dragged into the picture.

Maybe Vjack did not seem to appreciate the humor behind your Noah's ark and Grand Canyon hypothesis.....which I must say are incredibly funny....

I think it is best you stick to Christian blogs, where worms of the same kind can flourish and wax lyrical about the virtues of a God who is fixated with intact hymens, virgins, big floods and some other barbaric atrocity.

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