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Monday, June 25, 2007

Racist Names In Science

I saw this information in a blog I visit and couldn’t help but share it.

The International Space Nomenclature Council today adopted the term 'emplacements de hauts gravité super' - or 'super high gravity locations' - as the official replacement name for black holes.”

You ask, why the name change?

“Originally named in reference to the fact that light cannot escape their intense gravity, the term 'black hole' was increasingly criticized as being insensitive to African-Americans and African-Europeans.”

“"We're glad the council finally took action on this issue." said Isaiah Herman, Chairman of the National African-American Coalition of People. "The unimaginable destructive power of these super high gravity locations was giving the word 'black' a negative connotation throughout the universe."”

I doubt seriously that John Archibald Wheeler coined the term “black hole” with any racial meaning, so why must we today in 2007 still be looking for racial slang in what appears to be every tiny little thing?

It seems that some wish to spend their lifetime looking for racism in everything that exist while all the while crying we should put racism behind us.


Matt said...

That is plain old silliness. Great blog. I kept seeing it in the colossians 2 directory and finally stopped by. Keep up the good work.

Sean said...

Oh, that's just too funny. Leave it to scientists to reason themselves to a fault.

Sista Cala said...

People read racism into it, just like they read what they want to into the Bible. When the fact of the matter is, they need to have the mind of Christ and it would no longer matter- even things that are racially motivated.

BEAST said...

"When the fact of the matter is, they need to have the mind of Christ and it would no longer matter- even things that are racially motivated."

Sister Calla, racism may not matter to you, until it happens to you, that is.

I know of friends who were discriminated because of their race, so don't speak too soon.

Sean said...

Beast, why is it wrong to discriminate against certain races?

Certainly, you are aware that the original title of Darwin's books is "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life".

From a evolutionary point, we shouldn't mix the lesser races in any way and that includes the workplace. Wouldn't want to dilute the gene pool.

So, sure you may throw in an ad hominem, but if you're going to adhere to the logical, scientific point of view then you and your friends will have to grow thicker skin.

BEAST said...


Strange for you to say that, but I should not be surprised, for the bible does promote slavery (A form of racial discrimination).

I think Evolution cannot be used as an excuse here. There are many breeds of dogs, but one would not expect them to discriminate each other (Sure they fight, but that should not be adjudged to be racism).

Evolution is not a moral code. It is simply the study of change in species over various lengths of time.

Sean said...

"Evolution is not a moral code."

So if science does not provide you with a moral code, where do you get one?

However, I disagree that it doesn't provide a moral code. The moral code is a utilitarian: the survival of the fittest by any means.

BEAST said...


Even chimps have moral codes. Where do they get moral codes from? Chances are, these are spread through memes.

John Bunyan

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