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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Iran: Corrupter(s) of the World Sentenced To Death

While here in America we promote (whether in secret or outwardly) the porn industry and its stars, apparently in Iran there is a whole different idea of what to do with those that promote and partake in perverted immoral fornication.

Take a gander at this CNN article:

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iran's parliament on Wednesday voted in favor of a bill that could lead to the death penalty for persons convicted of working in the production of pornographic movies.

With a 148-5 vote in favor and four abstentions, lawmakers present at the Wednesday session of the 290-seat parliament approved that "producers of pornographic works and main elements in their production are considered corrupter of the world and could be sentenced to punishment as corrupter of the world."

The term, "corrupter of the world" is taken from the Quran, the Muslims' holy book, and ranks among the highest on the scale of an individual's criminal offenses. Under Iran's Islamic Penal Code, it carries a death penalty.

The "main elements" referred to in the draft include producers, directors, cameramen and actors involved in making a pornographic video.

The bill also envisages convictions ranging from one year imprisonment to a death sentence for the main distributors of the movies and also producers of Web sites in which the pornographic works appear.


BEAST said...

May I suggest you emigrate to Iran, and live with the same theocratic worms that fester in the oppressive Islamic state.

No pornos, no gays, no atheists. That kind of suits ya.

Oh, one more thing, no bibles too.

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

Or you could rally a group of perverts, a group of gays, a group of atheists to move there and demand tolerance.

At least you would be away from Christians that you so despertly despise.

Of course you may have the less tolerant muslims to consider.

BEAST said...

Nah, no thanks dorkie.

I love free societies, and generally I love countries where I can watch porn without being murdered in cold blood.

For your information, I do not despise Christians. I merely despise those that are hypocritical, fundamentalist, and generally dumb.

As for Muslims, I have quite a few Muslim friends, and the funny thing is, they are more tolerant of my atheism than Christians.

Sean said...

I'm curious about how Christians have been intolerant of your atheism. Can you give me a couple of examples?

BEAST said...

I have lost my job once because I told my boss I was an atheist.

I have also have to endure my Christian aunt's harasses because I have stopped going to church, and although she does not know I am an atheist, she knows full well that I do not believe in her barbaric God.

I have also been marginalized and punished in my old Catholic school for refusing to attend mass.

Is that enough abuse for you?

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

I personally don't believe one should lose their job due to being an atheist of course unless it is a religious based job and the individual is clearly non or clearly promotes non relgious activity. Basically a conflict of interest.

Even religious people get harrassment from family. And some of it isn't even religious, just family trying to tell you what is best for you. :)

As for Catholic school, I know some Catholics that used to have a hard time for not making it to mass or cathecisim, so I don't know if this one could be counted toward you being an atheist.

BEAST said...

Whatever the case, I am proud to say that I have been able to make my stand very clear: I have the bloody right to believe or not to believe in whatever I want.

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

What is the ratio of atheists vs. theists and the tolerance or lack of tolerance toward atheists vs. theists where you live?

BEAST said...

I cannot answer that,because I don't have specific data with regards to that.

From personal experience, atheists are not well received where I come from.

In my atheist forum, I have an atheist member who comes from a Catholic family, and he does not want to pursue the matter of our public library tagging Creationist material as "science" because he fears backlash from his Catholic folks.

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

Oh, I wasn't looking for specific data, I didn't think you lived in the US so I was just wondering how it was in your opinion where you lived. The same as the US or different.

BEAST said...

I think if you have bothered to check my entries you would have a hint with regards to where i come from (Hint: I left a link to the website of my aunt's baptist church).

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

Yeah, I assumed you live in Singapore, but I have no idea of the atheists, theists, religious or non-religious setting there. That is why I asked.

BEAST said...

I have also written a post on Science. You might want to read it so that I don't have to keep refuting the same mistakes which you keep reiterating.

Sean said...

Actually, in all but one of those cases people used their right to freely associate. I fail to see why those Catholics shouldn't have been offended because you (or your parents I'm sure) desired a better environment created by the Catholic doctrine in order to be educated, but denounced the very rituals that create such a productive environment.

I, too, attended Catholic school for most of my childhood while not being Catholic or anything for that matter as my family was fairly secular, but attended every mass because I understood that I'm merely there to be educated. I considered myself a junior anthropologist learning the customs of people unlike myself.

As for being fired, your last comments make their reasons that much more applicable.

The boss had every right to "believe or not to believe in whatever" he wanted, which certainly included the belief that someone's adherence to atheism does not produce the desired environment created by the adherent.

BEAST said...


I am not bitching or even complaining about it, I accept it as it is because the day I decided to be a full fledged infidel, I had it coming.

You asked about discrimination, so I tell you what I have faced. I don't even want to blame anyone because in a way, I have moved on.

If small minded people can't take my infidelic creed, so be it, fuck them, and fuck them all.


John Bunyan

To be saved is to be preserved in the faith to the end. 'He that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.' (Mt. 24:13) Not that perseverance is an accident in Christianity, or a thing performed by human industry; they that are saved 'are kept by the power of God, through faith unto salvation.' (1 Pet. 1: 3-6) But perseverance is absolutely necessary to the complete saving of the soul…. He that goeth to sea with a purpose to arrive at Spain, cannot arrive there if he be drowned by the way; wherefore perseverance is absolutely necessary to the saving of the soul.