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Monday, July 16, 2007

Girls Return to Modesty

An article at msnbc.com, presents a topic of “A new 'modesty movement' aims to teach young women they don't have to be bad, or semiclad.”

“Consider the following style tips for girls: skirts and dresses should fall no more than four fingers above the knee. No tank tops without a sweater or jacket over them. Choose a bra that has a little padding to help disguise when you are cold.”

Apparently Pure Fashion has the idea that: “They cater to what writer Wendy Shalit claims is a growing movement of "girls gone mild"—teens and young women who are rejecting promiscuous "bad girl" roles embodied by Britney Spears, Bratz Dolls and the nameless, shirtless thousands in "Girls Gone Wild" videos.”

The article goes on to say that: “ModestApparelUSA.com, ModestByDesign.com and DressModestly.com all advocate a return to styles that leave almost everything to the imagination.”

To this I say – Praise God for girls that refuse to dress like the harlot and “Instead, these girls cover up, insist on enforced curfews on college campuses, bring their moms on their dates and pledge to stay virgins until married.”

Honestly, even if you disagree with this, you can’t find a single thing wrong about it, but the denial of you being able to fulfill your own lust at their expense, since they choose to dress appropriately.


BEAST FCD said...

Better yet, Tim.

Just to play along with your quaint little idea, we have girls covering up front head to toe, with only a tiny slit for the eyes.

If the girls don't wear this chic, cool christian clothing, hey, we could use the old testament and bring forth a little stoning. A little stones don't hurt much, right? God's obsession with virginity is more important!!!

Splinters of Silver said...

It's called purity, virtue, godly and right verses impurity, wicked, ungodly and wrong.

BEAST FCD said...

Women wear what they want to wear. Let's not get all too chauvinistic about it.

This is a free country, Tim. If you wish to control women's clothing, either be a Mullah in Iran or the Taliban or cut it out as a fashion designer.

Splinters of Silver said...

Neither the idea or the article is about control, it is the women/girls who are deciding themselves to be more modest - which in my opinion is a good thing.

Why? [1] Because modesty is a biblical principle, [2] It gives them more respect, [3] It keeps others from sinning.

BEAST FCD said...

Absolute Rubbish.

The Confucianists in China were long advocating modesty before the Christians even came to the scene.

Secondly, dress codes are merely social conformances of the day. The Ancient Greeks were no less ashamed when they deck out in "organ revealing" togas. Male athletes vie for laura wreathes in the Greek Olympics virtually naked. Yet they are no less respected for it.

If nudity was a sin, why wouldn't God make sure that we are born full clothed? This train of argument bodes no common sense.

To me, clothes basically are a form of cultural conformance. There is nothing sinful about nudity. If it was true, the great artists of the Renaissance, such as Boticelli and Leonardo da Vinci, would have gone out of work (Botticelli, incidentally, was a genius when it came to drawing chubby naked boys).

The idea that women who are dressed in less clothing is more sinful is simply another extension of male ego, just like the stupid Judean Christian God and its pious male cohorts.

BEAST FCD said...

Dress codes are formal extensions of common sense.

A girl dressed in bikinis on a beach is a fine thing, unless of course she wears that to an office or a school.

Its all about social conformance, and the right attire for the right occasion.

Obviously, Tim, you are not a woman, so I would suggest you butt out of this, unless you want to join your brothers in the Taliban, in which case you might also consider doing so good ole jail time at the Guantanamo base.

Splinters of Silver said...

Honestly Beast,

You are such an argumentative person, it amazes me.

You write, “Obviously, Tim, you are not a woman, so I would suggest you butt out of this”. If you would please reread my post, you will see that I am only *agreeing* with what the women/girls believe to be right and are already doing.

“The Confucianists in China were long advocating modesty before the Christians even came to the scene.” – All men come from Noah, which came from Adam, which came from God, which is where modesty originated.

“Greek Olympics” and/or paintings of Boticelli and Leonardo da Vinci, does not make public displays or imagery of nudity moral, acceptable, or right – regardless of how man perceives it in his depravity of sin.

As for as “If nudity was a sin, why wouldn't God make sure that we are born full clothed?” – If this is supposed to be a valid point, I fail to see it.

Funny you should mention male ego – that is one thing that moves man to lust and desire after inappropriate dressed females. Ladies can keep men from sin by covering that which is sacred for the marriage bed and should be for their spouses eyes only.

Why would/should one wish to share the nakedness and intimate parts of their spouse with others? Male ego?

BEAST FCD said...


You can agree with them all you want, but what bothers me is that you seem to tie "morals" with conservative dressing, which to me is a silly concept that most women don't really relate to, judging by the throngs of bikini clad ladies all over the States.

As for the Noah's bullshit, I have yet to hear a single Christian who can come up with any sort of coherent argument....all of which have been effectively refuted by good scientists, and even laymen like myself, so for you to mention it when you have utterly failed to win the argument on my post.....oh well. I think you get the point.

My point on being born clothed is that, if God doesn't want us to show our itsy bitsy parts, why then, are we all born stark naked???

Actually, I find your argument that "ladies are dressed loosely for male egos" argument to be lame. Women are just as likely as men to stare at the bulging penises of men in swimsuits (hence Mr Universe) as men are attracted to svelte beauties in bikinis. Its a mutual appreciation of the human body.

How much a man or a woman wants to show is a matter of preference and to a certain extent, location. That is all there is to it. Don't have to drag invisible deities and nonsense religious morals into the picture.

Me argumentative? You bet. I am still awaiting your presence at atheist blogs. Don't keep me waiting.

Splinters of Silver said...

I appreciate you sharing your opinions, for that is all they are.

As for argumentative, that is also male ego.

As for waiting for me, I am actually surprised that you hold my thoughts in such high regard that you anxiously await them. I haven’t had the time and the atheist’s posts really haven’t interested me lately.

BEAST FCD said...

Don't flatter yourself, Mr Tim. Do not forget that pride is one of your seven deadly sins (perfectly normal for an infidel like me though).

A lot of women are actually very argumentative.....are you alleging that they have "male egos" too? Why is it that every behavioral trait has to be linked to the male ego?

I take it that you have no good answers to the atheist rebuttal. Perfectly normal. The Christian worldview is a stupid worldview anyway.

Don't worry, you can always come to my blog for a good debate. I assure you, every word you post will not be censored.

And I will promise you one more thing: I will trash you thoroughly any time, any day, even if you go to Mexico with your stupid proselytizing team.


Splinters of Silver said...


leslie said...

hi... and welcome back.. hope all was well with mexico...

an interesting read... a subject i like to follow as i grew up hearing many opinions on the matter..

as is illustrated in the length of comments here... we are unable to anticipate or control another's perception and what ultimately drives them....

i like that the article suggests a movement that counters the present appeal and offers an alternative..a visual reminder that a woman's worth isn't solely linked to her sexuality... (something a grown woman might understand but the young often misread.)

modesty is not so easily defined as we like to think, adjusting culture and marketing clothing lines. using our set of principles on another.. but there is a commonality of purpose that we should focus on and i believe you hit on that, tim..

anyway.. nice to have you back..

Splinters of Silver said...

Hey Leslie,

Thanks. It was a nice trip. I kept a journal and am in the process of writing it out clearer.

I agree "that a woman's worth isn't solely linked to her sexuality". I also agree that "modesty is not so easily defined as we like to think" and it can sometimes be taken over board just as easy as it can be dismissed. But I am excited to know that some girls and ladies and companies are chosing to be more modest as a personal desire of themselves.

BEAST FCD said...

I am just about wondering if the Islamic burkha is the ultimate design in a Christian woman's wardrobe.

Splinters of Silver said...

That would probably be a good start, although we would most likely begin to see open slits up the sides to the waist as we do in some long skirts today. :)

BEAST FCD said...

Only misoygnic fools can ever dream of women covered up in this manner.

Since nudity is so evil, I do suggest too, that men be made to wear similar clothing.

Let's be fair. Lust doesn't work one way; it works both ways.

How about that, Mr Burkha? The next time you walk on the streets, you see nothiing but entities in zombie clothing around you. Happy?

Splinters of Silver said...

You sure have blown this simple post WAY out of portion. Of course men should also dress modestly. But the news article was geared toward girls/women and not men/boys. Both can dress modestly without having to put on a “burkha”. We both know that.

What really has been your point to all of this? That you don’t agree that the women/girls should dress modestly, that you don’t agree the listed internet clothing stores should sell/promote modest apparel, or simply just to rebuttal every single word I write? If you go back to my original post, you are very far from it.

Beast said...


Maybe I am a little too bright for you, but my point is simple:

People wear what they want to wear, companies sell what they want to sell, fashion is such that it alternates between conservative and daring, etc.......

Why do you have to equate your horrendously narrowminded, biblical-inspired world view with something as mundane as....clothes???

Your deity, who is supposed to create the cosmos, has nothing better to do, than becoming a fashion judge on a pathetic little planet no bigger than a speck of dust in a humongous universe?

Do you equate those who wear less clothes to be the equivalent of street whores and cheap sluts? Is this what your article is alluding? This is what I am getting from reading your article.

If this is not what you mean, than I must say, bro, you are a terrible writer. Because that is exactly what I am writing, and as usual, no punches pulled back, I am telling it, in your face.

Hey, at least I am not a hypocrite!


Beast said...

And by the way, Tim:

The only thing you have "hit", as first suggested by Leslie, is perhaps a brickwall of archaic, Taliban-style school of thinking, if nothing else, which simply suggests that women, as the instigator of the "original sin" (yes, the story of the serpent, the tree of knowledge...you know the rest), as the ultimate temptress, and other outdated theology of yours.

That is probably one of the tawdriest, sillies posts you have ever written, seriously. At least the ones you wrote about evolution are funny enough for a good laugh, although I really hope that innocent kids stumbling on your blog wouldn't take your flintstone science too seriously (tsk tsk).


Splinters of Silver said...

Hmmm… I tire.

You do not understand the revealed things of God because you deny Him and His Word and choose to live in your sin.

By the way Mr. Beast, you are indeed somewhat of a hypocrite. You have said that "He who doesn't really bother you, don't bother them", yet you live at the front door of my blog tossing in your bottled messages every time the door cracks open.

Am I telling you to stop, nah, I don’t care to post some of your thoughts, but you can continue to come, but every time you come to my blog and post your thoughts, you are bothering someone that is not bothering you, for I am in my blog and not yours.

Beast said...


Close your blog, stop posting your narrow minded views, and stop posting on atheist blogs!

That way, you will be spared from my rational, peace loving, sexually-driven, and infidelic posts forever!

With Warm Regards

Splinters of Silver said...

Nah, I'll keep posting simply because I know you will be reading it.

Just becareful, because the Holy Spirit may just use something posted here to convict you of sin and you may be repenting and accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior before you know it. God might even move you to be the best preaching testimony to all of your atheist buddies as to the Truth found in the very God some deny.

Remember: With God all things are possible.

BEAST FCD said...

"With God all things are possible".

Alright then. Ask God to help amputees grow back lost limbs.

If he can do that, I will go back to Church. No questions asked. Deal????

Anonymous said...

Women can keep men from sin by dressing differently? Are you saying that men are that pathetic that seeing a woman's thigh causes us to sin? Well I guess then rape is her fault, since we have reduced faculties. Shameful woman!

Instead, these girls cover up, insist on enforced curfews on college campuses, bring their moms on their dates and pledge to stay virgins until married
Enforced curfews? Yes I guess we are all that pathetic that we will do dirty sins just because the sun is down. And taking your mother on a date? Wouldn't want to grow a little as a person on their own I guess. Best to be told what to do..

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