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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bible Inappropriate For Under 18?

A recent article from Yahoo! News claims the following:

HONG KONG (Reuters) - More than 800 Hong Kong residents have called on authorities to reclassify the Bible as "indecent" due to its sexual and violent content, following an uproar over a sex column in a university student journal.

What in the world (or Hong Kong) is going on?

Apparently a new website entitled http://www.truthbible.net/ (which I found NOT in English so good luck reading it), said (according to the report) the following:

the holy book "made one tremble" given its sexual and violent content, including rape and incest.

the Bible's sexual content "far exceeds" that of a recent sex column published in the Chinese University's "Student Press" magazine, which had asked readers whether they'd ever fantasised about incest or bestiality.

What’s the big deal you say? According to the article:

If the Bible is similarly classified as "indecent" by authorities, only those over 18 could buy the holy book and it would need to be sealed in a wrapper with a statutory warning notice.

I believe any honest person would concede that the Bible does not condone or promote any immoral acts of sex, since it CLEARLY deems any fornication as sin.


King Aardvark said...

It's not that it condones or encourages sexual conduct, but that it contains it in general. Some people are touchy like that.

The whole raping the concubine to death, then chopping her up and sending her to various places rings as a loud example of this. Do we really want little kids reading that, even if the bible says that raping/murdering concubines is bad?

Personally, I don't like the idea of restricting books in general, but I see where they're coming from. Some younger people just aren't mature enough to handle it.

Splinters of Silver said...

The whole raping the concubine to death, then chopping her up and sending her to various places rings as a loud example of this.

That doesn't really come to mind. Where is that located?

BEAST FCD said...

He He He

The bible is one of the most famous pornographic books alive. Stories of Noah having sex with his daughters, David's wife being screwed by his neighbours as a godly punishment, 32000 virgins sacrificed unto the christian tribes in numbers chapter 31.......jeez, am i am not even at the tip of the iceberg.

If it so pleases you, I will dedicate one entire entry of bible porn based on the bible, if you so wish to. I can be reached at www.atheisthaven.blogspot.com

Debates are fine with me too.


Splinters of Silver said...


Biblical stories of fornication show the depravity of man, not the glory in sin.

Becareful taking pleasure in them.

BEAST FCD said...

Depravity of man?

Oh....How about the part when God actually induces David's neighbour to "have a good time with their wives?"

Or the one, you know, with the 32,000 virgins, of which 32 was sacrificed unto the Lord? I wonder if God also indulges in some kind of Godly rape? And why is this fixation with hymens and virginity?

If Man is depraved, then the biblical God doesn't fair much better.

I have written about this issue at my blog. Feel free to view it at www.atheisthaven.blogspot.com

BEAST FCD said...

Oh, one more thing, with regards to porn, I am an ardent fan of Marquis de Sade.

The bible is third grade porno meant for dull-witted airheads. If you want porn, read de sade.

Splinters of Silver said...


It appears that you take pleasure in your perversion. I honestly feel sorry for you.

I can ask you to repent and trust in Christ for there lies ahead the judgement, but I am sure you know that even though you may deny it aloud.

May God have mercy on your soul.

BEAST FCD said...

Ah. The wonders of perversion.

Look at it from a neutral point of view. You love your third grade porn which you tout "The Holy Bible", while I am reading an excellent work by de sade, "Justine and the Misfortunes of Virtue."

At least I am reading porn, and I am honest about it. You are reading third grade porn without even realizing it.

I suggest we stop pointing fingers, and admit that we all love that bit of violence, religious or otherwise.

BEAST FCD said...

OH, one more thing, with regards to gods have mercies on my soul:

1. Do humans have souls? Any scientific proof of souls? Dogs, cats , rabbits, chickens, bacteria, worms........do they all have souls?

2. If sexual perversion is sinful, how would you classify "perversion"? Masturbating? Having gay sex? Having great sex with hot latino chicks?

3. Since you don't seem to know the itsy bitsy parts of the bible, may I suggest that I post to you one violent bible verse, so that you can get more "acquainted" with the horrifying, violent bible of yours? What suits you impeccable taste? Incest? Mass murders?? Virgins? Tell me. I will dig up the bible just for you, even though i don't really like it that much.

Splinters of Silver said...

I will dig up the bible just for you, even though i don't really like it that much.


For someone who claims they do not like the Bible you sure have spent a lot of time at my blog and talking about the Bible the last few days.

Your comments display a natural taste you have for fornication and a desire to demand that God, the Bible, and Christians are also as depraved in it as one that loves fornication as much as you appear to.

I afraid that this is not the case, and if you choose to continue to see the Word of God and God Almighty as such it will be to your own distruction.

Honestly, if you would like to make proper comments keeping them in a more appropriate way, feel free, but if not, I will just have to take the time to filter what I consider mere filth.


BEAST FCD said...

Oh well.

I don't know why, maybe it is the way you type, the condescending tone of "feeling sorry" for my so called nefarious activities.....but that's beside the point.

I do feel you are quite ignorant, and yes, I have spent time on your blog, and realized that you are quite ignorant in matters concerning science an atheism generally.

Am i being obnoxious? I think not. Discussing sex is filth? duh. Sex is beautiful.

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