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Friday, May 04, 2007

Thoughts Opposing Homosexuality = Hate Crime?

In a recent article at BPNews.net, here, the House just passed a law, by a vote of 237-180, for the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act. It appears that the Senate believes it will pass when brought to them, but Bush has the power to veto.


Current hate crimes law protects traits such as race, religion and national origin, but the bill's opponents say the new legislation would grant protection based on lifestyle. They also say it would move federal law toward punishing thoughts and beliefs, since the motivation of a person charged with a hate crime would have to be evaluated. In addition, some critics warn it eventually could result in suppression of speech that describes homosexual behavior as sinful.

Two concerns I have:

1] “protection based on lifestyle
If indeed protection is granted on the basis of lifestyle, where would it stop? Would there then be protection for bestiality also in the near future? Are we as Americans really ready to protect every lifestyle there is?

2] “punishing thoughts and beliefs
If this comes about, not only Christians, but anyone not in line with the law makers would suffer. It would be as easy as one saying, “You think homosexuality is wrong, well then you have the potential of harming them so we must lock you up.”

Scripture is clearly against homosexuality. There is no doubt for anyone that believes the Bible that homosexuality is immoral and a sin according to God [Leviticus 20; Romans 1]. BUT I AM NOT PROMOTING THE HARMING OF ONE.

I am not speaking about whether a homosexual can/will get saved; I may on a different post.

Here I am talking about the preaching, teaching, and thinking opposed to homosexuality. Is it really to be considered a hate crime? I believe it can be used as such, but not limited to always.

There are those that use the Bible teaching against homosexuality but go to extremes by taunting them, physically or emotionally hurting them, etc., but by enlarge it is not real Christians or what Christianity is all about.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, if the government limits the free speech of proclaiming the Scriptures concerning homosexuality (as in some countries), be sure the message of the gospel will soon bring forth persecution also, as maybe a “hate-crime” against atheists and agnostics.


leslie said...

in response to 1: between PETA and the Humane Society, i think our animals are safe from such abuses.

i also agree at the confusion of such an ambiguous word as 'lifestyle'. there is an implication that we all should know what that means, i.e. sexual orientation. so i'm guessing the wording is more explicit in legal terms.

2: 'minority report' comes to mind here. then there is the mindfulness of pushing this on the tails of the vt massacre.

i am disturbed that there isn't greater confidence in today's justice system that a violent crime wouldn't be punishable as just that; or that harassment isn't taken seriously (regardless of 'orientation', or gender--this is a continuing battle).

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

Funny leslie, Minority Report came to mine for me also. And wasn't Cruise able to go against what they said would happen?

Sean said...

Nothing short of bloodshed will rid our society of these ideas.
Thankfully, Christians won't have to lift a finger since the societies who enact such laws always find themselves choked by the hands of barbarians who don't share the same sensitivity.

It may be time for Christians to emigrate for the same reason which brought us here...

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