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Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Say It But Don’t Believe It

I was pondering this thought the other day, so I figured I would post it here.

I was wondering how secure people are in their thoughts of God, Scripture, Christianity, and what they believe. I realize as Christians we do not know everything concerning these topics, but I am speaking of the things that each individuals claims to know and believe.

Are people merely hypocrites meaning they say they believe something but in the quietness when they are alone they really ponder the thoughts that they in fact do not believe things they tell others they do?

My belief is that if you do not believe something, question it, admit you don’t believe it, and do some study to find out why you should or should not believe it. I don’t think that we should say we believe something simply because of pressure from others that do believe it and/or fear that you will be hackled for believing or not believing something. Most likely you will find people on both sides of every issue.

It does a person no good to claim that they are a Christian, love God, love the Bible, love the church people, etc. if when they are alone or with other friends it is obvious that their claims are hollow.

Sure as Christians we may have doubts of certain things, so admit it, pray about it, talk to someone about it, study the issue, don’t just put on an outward secure look while on the inside you are confused, doubtful, and still searching.

Understood, you may have to find someone you can trust that simply won’t hackle or pressure you into “saying” you believe something simply because they cannot accept that you currently do not believe what they believe or understand something in the same light as they do.

Just be honest with yourself and others. Search to find the answers from God by prayer and study of His Word and from other Christians. If you are unclear or undecided on issues and people do not accept that, just move on to someone that does and that you can discuss things with.

As Christians we will never know everything, but there is no reason to claim that which we do not believe simply to save face or to fit in.


BEAST said...

Well, as an ex baptist, I was once a little bit like you, except that, unlike you, I was probably more inquisitive.

While I was reading the bible, I was also reading the works of Thomas Paine, Bertrand Russell, Nietzche, Thomas Edison, Einstein, and other works.

And it began to dawn upon me that using the bible to explain world phenomenon is like reading Asterix to learn about the history of France.

Thinking back, I think I was being incredibly stupid to buy into the christian doctrine, but I can't be too hard on myself, considering I was really forced into the christian setting at the age of five.

leslie said...

you made me think of the idea of 'fake it 'til you make it' that is pretty popular when things get shaky.

inquisitiveness is good and healthy when something doesn't add up; God isn't afraid of our questions, even when we are..because questioning doesn't necessarily lead to a different answer, possibly just a renewed perspective; or even reassurance on a subject.

(by the way.. i was away, but it is good to be back reading your blog).

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...


'fake it 'til you make it'

Hahaha - I don't think I have heard that before.

Thanks for the comments, glad your back.

John Bunyan

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