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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cheated By Evolution

An article located at msnbc.com has claimed that there has been found a type of lizard that has no limbs like a snake.

“While modern snakes and lizards are derived from a common evolutionary ancestor, they belong today to two entirely separate groups of animals, or orders. Snakes, over millenia, gradually lost their limbs and developed their characteristic forms of locomotion. But modern limbless lizards are not snakes, Dutta said.”

“The other limbless lizards belonging to different families have been found in India's Nicobar island, in the northeast, and in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh states, he said.”

So apparently what we have is over millions of years a single species developed into two separate species namely snakes and lizards. Then over millions of years lizards kept their limbs, where the snakes lost them (of course scripture says snakes were cursed and lost them). Now we find that some lizards have lost their limbs.

I just wonder how they feel about Mother Nature doing that to them after all these millions of years.

I also wonder why macroevolution would consider just a mouth more “survival of the fittest” than a mouth and limbs. Hmmm….

I also find it interesting that they claim there are limbless lizards, but as for this new one found, they say it is a “new species”. So we have already found limbless lizards before, but we find 1 (one) new limbless lizard and instantly it is a “new species”. Maybe it is just a genetic abnormality.


BEAST said...

I guess such words can only be uttered by stupid, ignoranamous morons who actually believe that God punishes snakes simply because the devil took the shape of the snake to tempt Eve in paradise.

The reason why this lizard is not classified as a snake is not obvious in the article. Snakes, by their very nature, have unique capabilities that differentiate them from other lizards.

Besides the presence of fangs (poisonous or otherwise), snakes can also dislocate their jaws and accomodate larger prey, which this limbless lizard does not have, and hence cannot be classified as a snake.

The presence of such a limbless lizard actually validates, and not discredits, evolution. This limbless lizard may very well be the link between lizards and their latter snake counterparts.

BEAST said...

May I ask a really personal question, Mr Splinter: Where exactly did you learn your science....or should I ask, who taught you science? The Pope? Reverend Phelps? Mother Theresa? Jesus? KKK?

Seriously, your knowledge of evolution, or biology in general, is pathetic. Seriously, stop reading Kent Hovind's bullshit and start subscribing to real science mags. It will help you.

Writer, Splinters of Silver.com said...

lol - So I am a "stupid, ignoranamous morons".

Considering the alternative that only fools believe there is no God [Psalm 14:1], I figured I'm doing pretty good.

The article said "modern snakes and lizards are derived from a common evolutionary ancestor", so why is it only some lizards haven't lost their limbs till millions of years after the snake lost his?

The article claims they found this 1 (ONE) new lizard, how does that qualify as a discovery of a completely new species and proof of evolution?

Funny thing is they still call the limbless lizards, lizards, so there is still no species jump of macroevolution.

BEAST said...

Sigh. I think I have explained it. Read again. Don't waste my freaking time.

BEAST said...

This one lizard would not have been required to prove evolution. The fossil records, carbon dating, geology, and DNA data will testify to this.

But I am quite interested in this legless lizard. I have a hunch that this might indeed be one of the so called "missing links" that could help us understand the transition between mainstream lizards and snakes.

BEAST said...

"A fool sayeth, there is no God, but the wise sayeth it unto the world."


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